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Recent news from Mediatel tells us how Stylist numbers are back on the rise since we are slowly, in some cases reluctantly, going back into the office. Similarly, numbers are up in those sectors that coincide with more time spent at home; Gardening and Cookery titles have been riding a relative crest of a wave.

But then again, we have seen major declination in the Women’s Weekly market. Bauer's Take a Break still leads the field with a combined print and digital (gross) circulation over 335,000 on average every week. That remains a big number.

What do these statements mean? Obviously, print is still with us. I recall presentations from years ago when there was the ‘Rise of Mobile’, or the fact that ‘Everything is going digital’. So what? It has. However, many still love picking up the Saturday edition of The Times and idly flicking through those pages and probably not reading half of it. Indeed, I remember a lot more of what I read in those weekend supplements compared with an online article I scroll through swiftly then forget. When I read an article in the paper my senses are sparking. The touch of the paper, the font, the sometimes-grainy texture of the page. These seemingly insignificant things end up being significant because we feel in tune with what we’re doing.

This is why your offline marketing materials are so valuable. People remember the good stuff. They remember the design, the copy, the feel, even the smell. Commonly this will be subconscious, but that doesn’t matter. It will end up with a visit to your website one, two, or three weeks later.

At Paper & Pixels our objective is to make offline creative that is effective, but also enjoyed by our clients. We want you to be proud of what we create.

Five points to consider

1.) It’s sensory

One of the main reasons your business still needs print is because it appeals to the senses. The ability to hold a physical piece of mail or a magazine helps cement your message into readers’ memories in a way that digital activations can’t.

2.) It creates action

Compared with other channels, print materials increased ROI at the highest rates according to the International News Media Association (2019 data).

Even though sending printed materials like direct mailers and brochures can be more expensive to produce than digital media, brands who implement these ways of working tend to see more engagement, more inquiries and more customers coming from print than digital, TV or other advertising.

3.) It’s universal

From high-end luxury clients to millennials, print outpaces all forms of marketing, regardless of age, gender, race or any other factor. Receiving an email with your name on it isn’t that impressive. However, getting a physical piece of mail that speaks to you and your interests will evoke more response. And it’s more than just a name. You can update everything from the copy to the images to the offer based on the segment of your audience you intend to target to increase your response rate.

4.) It makes you focus

By sending physical mail, you’re ensuring your audience gets some face time with your message—even if it’s short lived—because they’ll have to look at what you’re saying on the postcards, brochures, reports or invitations you’ve sent.

5.) It complements your other media

Creating strong print creative should complement your wider media activity. By creating a cohesive plan instead of using each of your platforms separately, you relay uniformity and professionalism through your messages that audiences will respond to.

If you’re ready to integrate print into your next multi-channel marketing campaign, or are just curious about what we do, give us a call. We’d love to help you get your next project up and running!

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