“It’s amazing how subtle optimisations can make a huge difference in response” – Hillarys

24% more orders plus a 23% increase in AOV
The homemovers direct mail test proved the power of optimisation.

This test has to be one of the subtlest in terms of subtle amends. To the untrained eye, we’re not sure you could tell the difference. But the results don’t lie.

Control: 33 orders | Test: 41 orders

The direct response principles at play

Value proposition

Do not assume readers will think they will understand the value. You have to show it to them.


Offer end dates should be something to shout about, not buried in the T&Cs.

Social proof

Frequent testimonials are peppered throughout, not isolated on one page.

Messaging hierarchy

With so much to say, it’s essential to have a clear hierarchy, not try and say it all at once.

“At first, we were sceptical this test would achieve anything. But we’ve had our eyes opened!”

Andy McGrath

Regional Marketing Manager Hillarys Blinds

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