“Paper & Pixel’s creativity, flexibility and reliability have proved them to be the perfect choice for our direct mail design wor” – RSPB

Over 10 years of driving catalogue sales

In the early before and after days, we delivered a 102% uplift in sales on some product lines.

And in 2022, we oversaw the implementation of RSPB’s rebrand into the catalogue.

The key was ensuring the new branding assets stayed within an optimised layout. 
Safe to say, results haven’t even looked like dipping.

The direct response principles at play


Offer end dates should be something to shout about, not buried in the T&Cs.

Social proof

Frequent testimonials are peppered throughout, not isolated on one page.


Lean into the charity’s bird and wildlife expertise at every opportunity.


Like a friend, you’d offer helpful advice and what products are best.

“Paper & Pixels continues to impress, and working with them for over a decade speaks volumes. We’ve reached twice as many lapsed/non-buyers this year as last.”

Lorna Clarke

Catalogue Manager RSPB

Proudly BLUE14

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