“What you can guarantee with Paper & Pixels is consistently high performing creative” – Parsley Box

Offline response rates are up by 140%
As a challenger brand in the ready-meal space, getting bums on seats is important.

So that’s what we delivered for Parsley Box across all of their offline marketing channels, including press, inserts, direct mail, and catalogues.

The direct response principles at play

Messaging hierarchy

With so much to say, it’s essential to have a clear hierarchy, not try and say it all at once.


Product features mean diddly squat to customers. We needed to show them the benefits.


Understand prospects want to see the product, not the art direction of a set.

Value proposition

Do not assume readers will think they will understand the value. You have to show it to them.

“Paper & Pixels consistently boost ad performance across all offline channels”

Kirsty Young

Head of Performance Marketing Parsley Box

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