“Such a great team and so easy to work with” – Mobility Bathing Group

150% uplift on forecast
Selling £3k-10k walk-in showers and baths is tough at the best of times.

The nuances of people having to make this grudge purchase rather than wanting to are tricky. Still, when you’re as focused on the reader as we are, then the results are impressive.

Forecast: 112 leads | Actual: 279 leads

The direct response principles at play

Problem first

People must accept they have a problem before they’re ready to understand your solution.


Product features mean diddly squat to customers. We needed to show them the benefits.

AIDA formula

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action is the most consistent copywriting formula for sales letters.

Value proposition

Do not assume readers will think they will understand the value. You have to show it to them.

“Some incredible results for our latest test, and we’re now building direct mail into our acquisition budget.”

Jon Pearce,

Marketing Director Mobility Bathing Solutions Ltd

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